Summer Vacation In Madurai & Good Madurai Hotels

Madurai is among the most prominent Hindu pilgrimage centers. It has a rich culture and heritage which dates back to 3rd century B.C. Famous for its numerous temples built on the Dravidian style of architecture, Madurai lies on the flat and fertile plains of the river Vaigai. During summer vacation in Madurai, one can engage in a number of activities and put up at a good Madurai hotel to make for a refreshing experience.

Madurai is one of the oldest cities of India which was ruled by the Pandya kings. Although hot and humid during the summer months, Madurai is flocked by millions of Hindu devotees who come to enjoy the famous Chithrai Festival which takes place during the peak summer months from mid April to May. This carnival function is celebrated with great pomp and show at the famous Meenakshi Sundareshwar temple. Also known as the temple city, there are many other religious places worth visiting during summer vacation in Madurai. One can visit the Kazimar Big Mosque and Maqbara, St. Mary’s Cathedral Church, Goripalayam Dargah and Koodel Azhagar temple. The Gandhi Museum is a must watch amongst other attractive tourist destinations. Moreover, during summers the Eco Park holds light and music fountain shows which are really remarkable to watch. On the outskirts one can visit the Hawa valley which even has a Go-kart track. The MGR Race course stadium is an outstanding sports ground which has a synthetic track. You should not miss on this one on your summer vacation in Madurai. During the hot summer months, Madurai is famous for its special summer drink called ‘Padaneer’ which is prepared from the sap of the palm tree and ‘IIaveer’ or coconut water. A summer vacation in Madurai can be quite interesting and educational which can take you back into history and even let you enjoy with modern day sports and amusement activities provided you choose the right Madurai hotel to put up. One can even go shopping at the newly inaugurated Vishal Mall which has been ranked as the best ever made shopping complex in the whole of Tamil Nadu.

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Better Ways To Choose Travel Destination

Today’s world has many best packaging destinations and it is important for tourist travelers to know the best travel destination. Distant countries like New Zealand and Australia can be reached for reasonable prices. Summer is a season to take a break from daily routines and have fun with family and friends. Hence for choosing best destinations and to enjoy summer vacation, some guidelines and tips are to be followed.

Budget and travel distance: Before choosing a travel destination, one must figure out the budget for travelling since money is the biggest problem in choosing any travel destination. Actually setting your budget first will narrow down your travel destination ideas. Travel distance depends on the number of days you decide to travel. If you have only minimum number of days for travel, choose a destination accordingly so that you get more time to relax.
Internet search: There are hundreds of websites that give information on price ranges and distance of the travel destination. Some of the websites also contain number of reviews on summer vacation which can really help us to be careful in selecting a travel destination. One of the most popular travel websites is that features thousands of reviews and information about every summer travel destination in the world. It is always recommended to use such websites for collecting information and selecting the best travel destination.

Travel Agencies: Visit nearest local travel agencies as they would help you by offering the best deal. Travel agencies and airlines usually have lots of discounted summer travel deals. Travel agencies also offer travel packages which comprises of travel fair, board and lodging, tours for specific number of days and nights and some more. Travel agencies also guide you on best travel deals that can suit your budget. So before going to travel agencies, you must decide on budget and travel distance. Once you have decided on travel destination, ensure that you book the ticket in advance, as travel agencies give offers and discounts only for advanced booking.

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Best Ways to Find a Girl for Travel

Rather than travelling alone in silence, start making plans to have someone accompany you. If you’re a male and prefer to be accompanied by the opposite sex here are some of the best ways to find a girl for travel.

Search the Internet for Travel Related Forums

Travel related forums on the internet are the best way to find travel girls. Yes, there are plenty of girls out there who are into travel dating and they frequent travel forums hoping to find someone who would be willing to take them on a trip to some exciting location.

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Travel Agencies Of Cologne – Best From All

Cologne being the fourth largest city of Germany offers so many great deals of the travel agencies. Travel agencies in Cologne offer a variety of websites which ask from you that what you want to do, how will you do it, which places will you visit and so on. There is so much stuff which is offered by the travel agencies just because they love to serve you. Most of agencies also offer online booking system just save the time. For the help they have placed a support staff they guide you in proper way. They love to make you feel happy and comfortable with what you have and what you dont have which you can get it from them.

Travel agencies in Cologne are so many and each of them is offering their own personal trips in affordable rates. They can even take you to a city tour if you want to enjoy your holiday or just as for visiting different places. Cologne travel agencies are present all over the city and they have planned trips for you. You just need to visit them if you want to and cannot plan your days, they will do it for you in affordable rates because they love to do it and experts in planning and organizing so let them do it for you.
Attraction in traveling with Cologne travel agencies

Travel agencies of Cologne are making up to the mark

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Trip To The Gods Own Country

This article will take you to the historical trip to the Gods own country, Israel. It is bounded four sides by Lebanon, Syria, The River Jordan, Gaza Strip and Egypt. This Jewish country located in western Asia. The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. As it is located in the eastern end of Mediterranean Sea, Israel has the largest number of plants species per square of all the countries in Mediterranean basin. The climate is varied in Israel, especially during the winter. Jerusalem receives snow rain once in every year. The climate during the winter season will be windy, snowy and cold. It has a typical climate of cool, rainy winters and long hot summer season.

Let us see the tourist wonders of Israel further. There are lot of historical places to visit in Jerusalem and Israel. There are many biblical destinations and had proofs for the persecution and the resurrection of Christ Jesus. Israel has 50 tourist attractions in it. You should spend long time in Israel to cover all these destinations. It includes the Beersheba (Abrahams first home), Cana (Jesus Performed his first miracle at a wedding feast), Church of the Holy Sepulchre (many people believed that to be a place where the crucifixion of Christ taken place). Hence, we have to spend months and months to research about these places. Let us look into this part in another article and now we switch on to the general tourist attractions in Israel.

Israel has something for everyone. It has a variety of tourist attraction starting from snowy heights of Mt.Hermon to the Judean desert. You can visit the saltiest sea on the world here. It is called “Dead Sea”. Also you can cover many biblical cites as I mentioned before as well as a high rise metropolis on the way. Israel entertains people with its variety of tourist spots.

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